Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)

B.E. Architectural & Urban Engineering

A Bachelor of Engineering in Architectural & Urban Engineering integrates principles of architecture and urban planning with engineering fundamentals, enabling students to design sustainable and efficient built environments that address the complex challenges of urbanization and infrastructure development.

B.E. Biotechnology with specialization in Applied Molecular Biology

A Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology with a specialization in Applied Molecular Biology equips comprehensive understanding of molecular techniques and their practical applications in fields such as pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and healthcare.

B.E. Biotechnology

Biotechnology Engineering is a part of engineering that involves the technology and biological science for development in the field of medical, agriculture, security and bio-research and much more click here for more details.

B.E. Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is the most versatile of engineering disciplines. No facets of modern civilization can be envisioned without contributions from chemical engineers. Through a judicious mix of mandatory and elective courses, the student at the Dubai campus gains expertise in various areas of chemical engineerings, such as petroleum and petrochemicals, textiles and synthetic fibers, colloids, suspensions, emulsions, etc. Click here for more details

B.E. Chemical with specialization in Energy, Environment & Sustainability

A Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical with a specialization in Energy, Environment & Sustainability connects Chemical Engineering concepts with all-inclusive challenges with the focus on environmentally friendly practices, sustainability & generation of clean and affordable energy. This programme focuses to combine the understanding of molecular, chemical, physical, mathematical sciences with a strong foundation in Chemical Engineering principles.

B.E. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is instrumental in the country’s infrastructure as it deals with planning, design, construction, and maintenance of the built environment that improves mobility and convenience for the society. The graduates will have an option to work as design engineers, structural engineers, town planners, transport planners, environmental consultants, construction managers, and so on. Click here for more details.

B.E. Computer Science

This programme helps the students to understand the various intricacies involved in computing technology. It focuses on the study of various topics such as languages, programming, algorithms, program designing and software designing. Click here for more details.

B.E. Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics & Communication Engineering deals with the operating principles and design of devices ranging from mobile phone to wireless networks and satellite communication systems. This programme reflects the wide diversity of communication and data transmission technologies which are accepted as a vital part of everyday life. Click here for more details.

B.E. Electronics and Computer Engineering

B.E. in Electronics and Computer Engineering programme is jointly designed by the departments of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Computer Science to impart knowledge and skills to students in the fields of Electronics and Computer Engineering. The programme combines hardware and software knowledge needed for niche areas such as Embedded Systems, Intelligent System and Automation that drive current and future technologies in Firmware, Robotics and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

B.E. Electrical & Electronics Engineering

This programme is a broad field that encompasses many sub-fields that deal with electrical power generation, transmission, distribution, protection of power system components against faults or abnormalities, solid-state electronics & allied fields. Click here for more details.

B.E. Mathematics and Computing

A Bachelor of Engineering in Mathematics and Computing offers a dynamic blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in both mathematics and computer science. The curriculum integrates advanced mathematical concepts with cutting-edge computing technologies, preparing students for a wide range of career opportunities in fields such as data science, artificial intelligence, finance, cryptography, and software engineering. Students delve into subjects like calculus, algebra, discrete mathematics, statistics, numerical methods, algorithms, computer programming, and software development.

B.E. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the broadest of the engineering disciplines. In this programme, students learn to solve engineering problems in the area of design and manufacturing, automation, robotics and thermal-fluid engineering. Emphasis is on the process of learning and critical thinking to promote collaborative relationships with industries and other universities. Click here for more details.

B.E. Mechanical with specialization in Aerospace

A Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical with a specialization in Aerospace offers understanding of both mechanical engineering principles and aerospace-specific. This program emphasizes aerodynamics, structural design, and material science, allowing graduates to contribute to the development of aircraft, spacecraft, and other aerospace technologies

Engineering programmes are mathematics and hard science based that incorporate many up-to-date techniques of analysis and synthesis. These degree programmes are available with both Practice School and Thesis/Seminar options with a normal duration of 4 years.

By judicious choice of electives, students of any of these programmes can make themselves prepared for:

  • Admission to higher degree programmes in the best universities of the world.
  • Multi disciplinary, professional career, and much more.
  • A good career in teaching & research.

Eligibility Criteria For First Degree Programmes (B.E.)

The following eligibility criteria is applicable for admission to BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus. A candidate seeking admission to a particular programme has to meet the eligibility criteria for that programme as given below:

 Eligibility Criteria for admission to First Degree Programmes

  • For admission to all first degree programmes, candidates must have passed the requisite qualifying examination, which is the General secondary education certificate examination of Ministry of Education, U.A.E. or All India senior school certificate examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or A Level from Cambridge International examinations/ Edexcel or IB Diploma or its equivalent from any recognized State, National or International board.
  • The candidates must have obtained a minimum 60% overall aggregate of marks in the qualifying examination and a minimum aggregate of 60% in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry/ Biology/ Computer Science or any other vocational subjects with at least 50% marks in each subject. However, for admission to B.E. Biotechnology, candidates without Mathematics in Grade 12 will also be accepted with a minimum aggregate of 60% in Physics, Biology and Chemistry or any other vocational subject with at least 50% marks in each subject.
  • If instead of marks any letter grades or GPA are awarded (or any other system of evaluation), their equivalences in marks will be decided by the Admissions Committee. If a Candidate has secured less than 50% marks in any one of these subjects – Physics, Mathematics /Biology, but has passed in the subjects and meets the aggregate criteria mentioned above, he/she may be considered for provisional admission. The admission will be confirmed only upon the successful completion of a foundation course in that subject with a minimum grade of ‘C’, offered by the institute preferably before the commencement of the first semester.
  • English is the medium of instruction and a good proficiency in English is essential for admission. Hence, candidates who have completed their qualifying examination from a Non-English medium school must have a TOEFL Score of 500 in paper based test or 61 in internet based test or have an IELTS Score of 6. If required, they may also be assessed by the Admission committee for English comprehension.

Application Procedure for First Degree Programmes (B.E.)

The Application procedure for admission is listed in detail. Please ensure that you read the instructions carefully and submit all of the documents to avoid disqualification.

For First Degree programmes

  1. Read the Admission Bulletin 2024-25 carefully.
  2. Application for Admission must be filled online.
    Online Application procedure: (Read instructions given below before proceeding to fill the online form).

    • Visit and sign up as a new user, and select “Apply Now” link under the Programme Level “First Degree”
    • Enter all the information required carefully and correctly in the online form.
    • Ensure the correctness of all entered data before submission. Once you confirm the correctness of the entered information and submit the form, the entered data will be recorded and you will not be able to change it.
    • On starting the application you will be allotted a unique reference number and you will be directed to proceed for Application fee payment.
    • You have the option of paying the fee online through Debit or Credit Card or paying offline either by Cash or Bank Transfer (Refer Section 5 below for fee details).
    • Upon successful completion of online application fee payment you will be allotted a unique application number and you will be instructed to upload your documents.
    • Upload the required documents (jpeg or pdf format) and your submission will be complete.
    • In the event you opt for offline application fee payment (Cash or bank transfer), send the proof of fee payment along with Applicant’s name and Application reference number by email to for the allotment of unique application number.
    • Upon receipt of the unique application number, you can proceed to upload the required documents(jpeg or pdf format) and your submission will be complete.
  3. For candidates submitting the application and fee online, the system will generate a unique application number. For those candidates who are opting for offline submission or payment, a unique application number will be allotted and informed to the candidate by the institute on receipt of the application and fee.
  4. Documents required to be submitted with the application form:
    • Copy of mark sheet of the Qualifying Examination, such as General Secondary Education Certificate of Ministry of Education, UAE or Senior School Certificate of CBSE, New Delhi, India or its equivalent.
    • Copy of the 10th Grade mark sheet.
    • Passport copy (first 2 pages and last 2 pages). Candidates, who do not possess a valid Passport at the time of applying, must enclose a declaration along with the Application, that they will email the required Passport pages on or before the last date.
    • Candidates applying under the GCC category must submit the passport copy of the parent residing in the GCC country with valid Residence Visa Stamp.
    • TOEFL/IELTS Score Report (For candidates from Non-English Medium Schools only).
    • Copy of Score Report of BITSAT, if appeared. If the score is not available at the time of applying, email /upload the same as soon as the result is available.
      Note: BITSAT is not compulsory for Dubai Campus admission.
  5. Application Fee to be paid at the time of submission of application form:
    An amount of AED 220.00 only (Arab Emirates Dirhams Two hundred and Twenty only) payable online by Debit/Credit Card or payable offline either by Cash or Bank Transfer (Refer Page 25 in Admission Bulletin for bank details). Application received without application fee will not be considered.

For Advance Standing Admission (Credit Transfer / Lateral Entry)

Candidates seeking admission to any First Degree programme of BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus with a preparation higher than the minimum entrance qualification (12  Grade or its equivalent) will be considered for admission at some intermediate stage in a programme under the provisions “Admission with Advanced Standing”, wherein candidate will be given credit for the courses cleared with good academic performance matching with the course requirements of the programme, to which the candidate seeks admission. Refer page 12 in the Admission Bulletin for more details.

Candidates applying for Advanced Standing Admission must select the “Apply Now” link under Admission with Advanced Standing and the rest of the steps are as indicated above for First Degree. The additional documents required will be the Official College Transcript / Mark Sheets for the semesters/ years completed and Syllabus of the courses cleared.

Scholarships and Concessions
for First Degree Programmes Academic year 2024-25

      1. Merit Scholarships for New Admissions
        • Merit in Qualifying Exam: Admitted candidates qualifying in one of the below category will be eligible for merit scholarship on tuition fees for first academic year while hostel concession will be offered for normal duration of the programme (4 years).
          Sr. No Category Qualifying
          Scholarship on
          Tuition Fees
          Hostel Concession
          (Normal Duration)
          1 Board Topper 1st Position in Grade 12 50% of first year fee 25%
          2 Merit in Grade 12
          Board Exam
          (Overall Aggregate*)
          >=95% 40% of first year fee 25%
          Between 90 to 94.9% 25% of first year fee 25%
          Between 80 to 89.9% 15% of first year fee 25%
          Between 70 to 79.9% 10% of first year fee 25%

          *Overall Aggregate: Aggregate is the total marks of all subjects in the Qualifying Examination, considered essential by the Board/University for passing the examination. The Aggregate must compulsorily contain the required subjects, namely, English, Physics, Mathematics/Biology, Chemistry/ Vocational subject. The scholarship will be based only on this overall aggregate

        • Merit in BITSAT (BITS Online Admission Test): Admitted candidates with BITSAT 2024 (or BITSAT 2023) score of 175 or above will be eligible for the following merit scholarship for first year of Academic Year 2024-25, depending on the score secured in BITSAT.
          S. No. BITSAT Score Scholarship on Tuition fees Hostel Concession
          1 >260 75% of Tuition Fee* 25%
          2 216 to 259 50% of Tuition Fee* 25%
          3 175 to 215 25% of Tuition Fee 25%
    1. Merit Scholarship for continuing students
      Students with a CGPA of 8.00 or above on a 10.00 scale at the end of previous semester will be given the following merit scholarship on the tuition fee for the current semester, based on the CGPA secured for the normal duration of the programme:
Sr. No CGPA Scholarship on Tuition fees
1 >9 25%
2 8.5 to 8.99 15%
3 8.0 to 8.49 10%
    • Other Special Concessions
      • For GCC/Arab Nationals
        Meritorious GCC/Arab Nationals may be offered a concession of up to 100% on the tuition fee for the normal duration of the programme (8 Semesters) based on their performance in the qualifying examination (Grade 12 or equivalent) for the first year and continuity of a minimum CGPA of 4.5 on a 10.00 scale for the subsequent semesters during the programme. These concessions will be restricted to specific number of students.
      • For sudden bereavement of earning member of the family
        The Institute helps such students by waiving off 100% tuition fee for a semester for those students who face financial hardships due to the sudden and untimely demise of the sole earning member of their family in that semester. A concession of up to 75% can be offered in the subsequent semesters, on a case to case basis, depending on means and need.
      • For physically challenged students
        All physically challenged students satisfying the conditions laid out are given a 15% concession on the tuition fee throughout the programme subject to satisfactory academic performance in each semester.
      • For sibling
        For families that have more than one child enrolled concurrently, a concession of 25% on the tuition fee is offered to the second child until the first child graduates.
      • Scholarship for Sports Excellence
        • ENTRY LEVEL: Students who have participated and won medals in International championship by representing their Country are given scholarship of 50% of the first year tuition fee and students who have participated in the International Championships are given scholarships of 20% of first year tuition fee. The Sport and the eligibility criteria of all applicants will be evaluated on a case by case basis and the scholarship will be awarded based on committee’s recommendation.
        • CONTINUING STUDENTS: Students who participate and win in three inter-university tournaments at the end of one academic year will be considered for a scholarship of 20% of tuition fee for the current year for the normal duration of the programme based on committee’s recommendation.

Please note:

• All students must pay their specified fee at the time of Admission and any amount awarded as scholarship will be adjusted in the subsequent fee payment.
• At any given time, a student can avail more than one scholarship/concession on tuition fee unless otherwise mentioned, provided the total scholarship/concession amount does not exceed more than 50% of the tuition fee amount of that semester including all or any scholarship/concession availed by the student.
• A student can avail hostel fee concession under one category only.
• The decision of the institute shall be final and cannot be contested on all matters of scholarships and concessions at BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus. The institute has the right to discontinue the scholarship/concession at any time in case the student is found guilty in any disciplinary case.
• Scholarship based on “Merit in Qualifying Examination” will be based on the overall aggregate of the Grade 12/B.E. marks of the student. Application for scholarship under all other categories must be submitted within one month from the date of registration to the Admissions Office. Any application received after one month will not be considered.

Student Loan Providers

Education Loans are facilitated through the following banks in India and Dubai at attractive terms for BITS Pilani, Dubai Students. Upto 100% finance is provided which includes tuition fee, visa and living costs etc at competitive interest rates. Contact the Admissions Office on or call on +9714-2753711 / +971 569954888 / +91 9121907799 for more details.

Fee Structure - First Degree (B.E.) Programmes

The Fee Structure for Academic Year 2024-25 is given below:

A. One-time Fee (payable at the time of Admission)
Application Fee** AED. 220/-
Admission Fee* AED. 2,000/-
Activity Fee* AED. 1,200/-
Caution Deposit$ AED. 5,000/-
B. Tuition Fee
First Semester
(payable in 2 installments)*
AED. 25,650/-
Second Semester
(payable in 2 installments)*
AED. 25,650/-
Summer Semester
(payable for PS 1 after second year)*
AED. 5,750/-
C. Visa and Insurance Fee (For students availing Visa/Insurance)
Visa Fee (For Students on Visa provided by the institute)
Fresh Visa Fee** AED. 2,900/-
Visa Renewal Fee** AED. 2,150/-
Medical Insurance Fee* AED. 2,700/-
(Current prevailing Visa & Insurance Fee, subject to change)
D. Hostel Fee (For students availing Hostel)
First Semester*** AED. 15,000/-
Second Semester*** AED. 15,000/-
Summer Term*** AED. 5,200/-
Hostel Caution Deposit$ AED. 2,000/-
Facility Fee* AED. 850/- per annum
Laundry charges and Service charge for using refrigerator in room are additional
E. Transport Fee** (For Day Scholars availing Institute Transport)
For Dubai AED. 2,500/-
For Sharjah & Ajman AED. 2,800/-
(Current prevailing Transport Fee, subject to change)

Note: A fee of AED 4000 per course plus VAT is applicable for casual students registering for any course on audit only during any semester apart from a one-time admission fee.
* VAT of 5% is applicable on this fee ; **VAT of 5% is included in this fee; ***VAT of 5% will be charged on the food cost of this fee;
$ Refundable on graduation or on leaving the institute, after due adjustment for damages, breakages caused by the student, if any.

Fee Payment Instructions

The admission fees can be paid by any one of the modes given below:

  • Payment by Cash: The fee can be paid by Cash in AED or USD at the Fee counter in the Institute.
  • Payment by Cheque: Payment by cheque will be accepted only if the cheque is from a bank based in UAE. All Cheques should be drawn in favor of “BITS Pilani FZ LLC” and payable in AED at a bank in Dubai. There should be no corrections or alterations on the cheque.
  • E-payment: We offer a secure e-payment facility to pay your fee. For e-payment click here.
  • Payment by Telex/Bank transfer: Payment can be made directly to one of our bank accounts given below through your bank along with collection charges if any. The TT advice/receipt copy received from your bank must be sent to the Accounts
    department, by email (, mentioning the name & application number of the student.
  • Payment by Demand Draft: All Demand Drafts should be drawn in favor of “BITS Pilani FZ LLC” and payable in AED at a bank in Dubai.
BANK HSBC Bank CitiBank
Account No. 026-307181-001 011-068-6617
IBAN AE450200000026307181 001 AE790211000000110686617
Branch P.O. Box: 66,
Main Branch, Dubai, UAE.
P.O Box 749, Oud Metha Road,

Dubai, UAE


Please note that the fee must be paid in full and any charges towards collection or clearance of DD/TT must be borne by the students. The Institute will give credit only to the Net Amount credited in its bank account.

Refund Policy

  1. One-Time fee:
    • Application fee and Admission Fee are non-refundable.
    • Activity fee is fully refundable if the student withdraws before the date of registration. If the student withdraws within four weeks from the date of registration, whether the student registers or not, 75% of the Activity fee is refundable. If the student withdraws after four weeks from the date of registration, the entire Activity fee is non-refundable.
  2. Tuition Fee:
    • If a student accepts the admission offer and completes the admission formalities but withdraws before the date of registration, 80% of the first installment of first semester tuition fee is refundable.
    • If a student withdraws within one week of the date of registration irrespective of whether the student registers or not, 50% of the first installment of first semester tuition fee is refundable.
    • If a student withdraws after one week of the date of registration irrespective of whether the student registers or not, the first installment of first semester tuition fee is non- refundable.
  3. Hostel Fee:
    • If a student opts not to avail the hostel facility after paying the hostel fee and if the request for the same is received before the commencement of the semester, 90% of the semester’s hostel fee and facility fee is refundable.
    • If request for not availing the hostel facility is received within one week of the commencement of the semester, 50% of the semester’s hostel fee and facility fee is refundable.
    • If request for not availing the hostel facility is received after one week of the commencement of the semester, the entire first semester’s hostel fee and facility fee is non-refundable.
  4. Visa and Medical Insurance fee:

    a) Visa fee and Medical Insurance fee is non-refundable, if the same has been applied.

  5. Transport Fee:
    • If a student opts not to avail the transport facility after paying the transport fee and if the request for the same is received before the commencement of the semester, 90% of the semester’s transport fee paid is refundable.
    • If request for not availing the transport facility is received within two weeks of the commencement of the semester, 50% of the semester’s transport fee is refundable.
    • If request for not availing the transport facility is received after two weeks of the commencement of the semester, the entire first semester’s transport fee is non refundable.

    Note: All refunds will take a minimum of 4 weeks from the date of withdrawal.

Visa Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. It is mandatory for all students to have a valid U.A.E. residence visa to study at BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus (BPDC).
  2. If the parent or guardian cannot sponsor the student or if the student is a non-resident of UAE, then the BPDC can facilitate U.A.E. Student Residence Visa (visa) under the sponsorship of Dubai Development Authority (DDA) through Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) subject to the submission and approval of necessary documents given in the student residence visa application form (visa form), rules & regulations of BPDC and Government of UAE (Govt). As a facilitator, BPDC only co-ordinates between DDA and students for obtaining the visa.
  3. The visa is valid for one year and is subsequently renewable every year. The issue of fresh visa and renewal of visa are subject to the submission of necessary documents and as per rules and regulations of BPDC, DDA, DIAC, General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs Dubai (GDRFAD), Ministry of Health (MOH) and Govt. BPDC is not responsible for any delay or non issuance of new visa or rejection of visa renewal by the Govt.
  4. The rules & regulations regarding conditions for visa issuance of GDRFAD, MOH and Govt may change from time to time.
  5. The mandatory documents as mentioned in the visa form should be submitted on or before the scheduled date by the BPDC Admissions Department and/or BPDC Administration (Admin Dept.).
  6. For visa renewal either the student should submit the necessary documents on or before the scheduled date by the Admin Dept or at least 8 weeks before the actual visa expiry date stamped in the passport.
  7. Submission of invalid documents or non-submission of required documents or late submission of required documents, or delaying the visa medical and/or related formalities beyond the scheduled date by DHA / National Emirates ID Authority (EIDA) / Institute will lead to immigration fines and penalty. The student is responsible for such fines and penalty.
  8. Valid health insurance is mandatory. Students are required to undergo a medical examination as prescribed by MOH / GDRFAD in the specified Govt. hospitals after their arrival in UAE to stamp the multiple entry visa in their passport. The medical examination and the related process usually take 3 – 5 weeks. If any student is declared medically unfit by MOH/GDRFAD, his/her residence visa will not be stamped / renewed and the student should leave the country immediately after canceling the visa.
  9. After the visa stamping in the passport, student can travel outside UAE any number of times with the prior approval of BPDC. Student should not stay outside UAE for more than 180 days continuously after the visa is stamped on the If the student stays beyond 180 days, his visa becomes invalid and will not be allowed to enter UAE
  10. Visa facilitated by BPDC is for the purpose of education only and students are not permitted to work.
  11. Student should contact the Admin Dept at least a month before the visa expiry for the visa renewal.
  12. Student should pay 2,900/-* for fresh visa & related service fee. The amount paid towards fresh visa & related service fee is non-refundable.
  13. In case of students, who are a resident of U.A.E. on their own visa sponsorship and wish to come under the visa facilitated by the Institute by in-country & local amendment should pay a sum of 4,700/-* towards fresh visa and related service charges. In such case, the student is required to submit the original passport and visa cancellation paper immediately after the cancellation of the existing visa along with all other required documents to process the student visa.
  14. Students should pay a sum of 2,150/-* per year towards visa renewal and related service charges.
  15. The visa and related services fee includes Dhs 280/- towards mandatory EIDA Card** issued by Govt.
  16. The visa renewal and related service charges should be paid before applying for subsequent year visa renewal.
  17. The visa cancellation can be done only inside UAE by DDA through BPDC. After completion of the program and/or before leaving the Institute, the student residence visa must be cancelled by the BPDC Admin Dept irrespective of the visa validity stamped in the passport of the student. Hence student must complete the necessary formalities including submission of the original passport, EIDA card and payment of cancellation fees (Normal process AED 850/- with time frame of 10 to 15 working days) as informed by the Admin Dept. Students who have stayed outside UAE for more than 180 days continuously are also required to cancel their visa through Admin Dept even though the visa is invalid. Failure to do so will result in serious consequences as per rules and regulations of Institute, DDA, GDRFAD and Govt.
  18. Students should keep themselves updated about the rules and regulations pertaining to the terms and conditions of their residence visa as stipulated by GDRFAD.
  19. Student should abide by all the rules and regulation of the BPDC, DDA, GDRFAD and Govt. Non-compliance of any laws and regulation by various Authorities may lead to penalty including deportation for which BPDC is not responsible.
  20. Cancellation of Entry permit will take a minimum of 10 to 15 working days.

*All the fee charges as mentioned above for visa& related services are indicative only and or subject to change as per rules and regulations of the Institute, DDA, DIAC, GDRFAD and Govt .

**With regards to EIDA log on to

The student should notify any changes in the information given in the visa form and/ or passport to the Admin Dept

Important Dates For First Degree Programmes (B.E.)



Last date for receipt of Applications* 15 July 2024*
Finalization of admission list 18 July 2024
Reporting for Admission 27 August 2024
Orientation Programme 27-30 August 2024
Registration 30 August 2024
Commencement of Classes 2 September 2024

* Late Applications will be considered for admission, subject to merit and availability of seats.

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Admission Office (Board): +9714 2753 700 Extn. 122 / 123 /124 / 138
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