About Us

International Workshop Interactive Systems & Information Society Technologies (InterSys2024) is a joint event held by BITS Pilani (Dubai Campus), ITMO University (St. Petersburg, Russia), Novosibirsk State Technical University (Novosibirsk, Russia) , Jinan Institute of Supercomputing Technology (Shandong, China), and Federal University of Paraná (UFPR, Curitiba, Brazil) on May 16-17, 2024 as a part of the International Conference Internet and Modern Society (IMS-2024). This year, we plan to have the workshop in face-to-face mode. The objective of the InterSys2024 workshop is to engage in comprehensive discussions addressing challenges and opportunities within the realm of developing interactive technologies in the digital environment. The focus is on exploring and dissecting the complexities associated with the advancement ofof advancing interactive systems across various sectors, including science, education, healthcare, business, public administration, and civil society.

Key Topics of the workshop are the following:

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

  • Novel Interfaces and Interaction Techniques
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Accessibility and Inclusive Design
  • Augmented, Virtual, Mixed (Hybrid) Reality (AR, VR, MR)
  • Wearable Technologies
  • Human-Supercomputer Interaction (HSI)
  • Social Issues in HCI

Interactive Technologies in Science

  • Scientific Data Visualization
  • Collaborative Research Platforms
  • Data Analytics and Decision Support Systems
  • Virtual Laboratories and Simulations
  • Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing

Interactive Technologies in Education

  • E-Learning Platforms and Tools
  • Gamification in Education
  • Adaptive Learning Systems
  • Virtual Classrooms and Remote Learning
  • Educational Data Mining

Interactive Technologies in Healthcare

  • Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Health Information Systems
  • Medical Imaging and Visualization
  • Assistive Technologies for Healthcare
  • Patient Engagement and Empowerment

Interactive Technologies in Business

  • Enterprise Collaboration and Communication
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Human-Centric Business Processes
  • Customer Experience (CX) Strategies
  • Digital Marketing and E-Commerce

Interactive Technologies in Public Administration

  • E-Government Initiatives
  • Civic Engagement Platforms
  • Smart Cities and Urban Technologies
  • Government Data Analytics
  • Public Services Innovation

Interactive Technologies in Civil Society

  • Social Media and Civic Engagement
  • Community-Based Platforms
  • Digital Activism and Advocacy
  • Crowdsourced Initiatives for Social Good
  • Ethical Considerations in Interactive Technologies

Important Dates

Deadline Date
Paper Submission Deadline 30 March 2024
Paper Acceptance Notification 15th April 2024
Early Bird Registration Deadline 25th April 2024
Camera-ready papers submissions 5th May 2024
Presentation at InterSys2024 Workshop 16th-17th May 2024

Workshop Co-Chairs:


Elakkiya R

PhD, Professor (Assistant),
Department of Computer Science,
Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS Pilani), Dubai Campus,
Dubai, UAE


Maxim Bakaev

PhD, Professor (Associate),
Department of Data Collection and Proccessing Systems,
Novosibirsk State Technical University,


Alexander Raikov

Doctor of Technical Sciences, PhD,
Chief Scientist of the Jinan Institute of Supercomputing Technology
Shandong, China


Roberto Pereira

PhD, Professor,
Department of Informatics,
Federal University of Paraná (UFPR),
Curitiba, Brazil


Lyudmila Vidiasova

eGovernance Center, Institute of Design and Urban Studies,
ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia